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easy to use features that actually work

fav5 speed dial

Easily program the number you dial most to your fav5 Speed Dial list. Now to make a call simply dial the access number and press the 1 digit speed dial code to connect to your fav5 friends and family.

no pins, no pain

Tired of dialing long pin numbers, now call international without the pain of dialing pins.

any phone, any carrier

Use International Calls from anywhere, whether it be a home phone or cell phone. The service will work from any phone and any cell or phone service.


Automatically recharge your account when you're down to your last dollar and avoid dropped calls. A great optional service for frequent callers.

only pay for
minutes you talk

You only pay for the time you talk, with no monthly plans or subscriptions. No connection or hang-up fees. Nothing tricky. Nothing sneaky. Get all the minutes you pay for.

online account management

Easily manage your entire account at internationalcalls.net. Set-up & update your fav5 Speed Dial, track how much your spend and who you call, and easily add minutes to your account as needed.

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