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Cheap International Calls

Save up to 98% on all your international calls
with our low rates!

no hidden fees

Are you tired of hidden fees eating up your minutes? With International Calls you will only pay for the minutes you talk. Unlike phone cards there are no hidden fees or connection charges.

track how much your spending

Our call history feature allows you to see exactly how much you are charged per call.

crystal clear calls, no dropped calls

With International Calls all of your calls are connected over our High Definition calling network. Our High Definition Calling Network will provide you crystal clear calls that are never dropped.

roll over minutes

With many phone cards and international call services if you do not use your minutes in a certain amount of time your minutes will begin disappearing. With International Calls your minutes never expire, they simply roll over to the next month.

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here is a small example of the low international rates we offer:

  • Calls to Australia - Major Cities only 1.3¢ / min!
  • Calls to Philippines only 10¢ / min!
  • Calls to South Korea only 1¢ / min!
  • Calls to Malaysia only 1.4¢ / min!
  • Calls to China only 1.4¢ / min!
  • Calls to India - Mobile only 1.3¢ / min!
  • Calls to Bangladesh only 3.4¢ / min!
  • Calls to Colombia - Cali only 1.2¢ / min!
  • Calls to Spain only 1¢ / min!
  • Calls to Mexico - Mexico City only 0.7¢ / min!
  • Calls to Russia - St. Petersburg only 1.2¢ / min!
  • Calls to Kenya - Mobile only 6¢ / min!
  • Calls to Brazil - Rio De Janeiro only 1.2¢ / min!
  • Calls to France only 0.6¢ / min!
  • Calls to UK only 0.7¢ / min!
  • Calls to Nigeria only 7.5¢ / min!
  • Calls to South Africa only 2¢ / min!
  • Calls to Lebanon only 9¢ / min!
  • Calls to Canada only 0.6¢ / min!
  • Calls to Germany only 1.1¢ / min!
  • Calls to Vietnam only 5¢ / min!

you will enjoy our international calling service, & love the savings!

  • Fantastic low international calling rates to 100`s of Countries around the World.
  • View your Call History to know the exact amount you pay on each call.
  • No hidden charges & No monthly fees is our Promise = ZERO Fee's.
  • The convenience of PIN-less dialing & faster connections with fav 5 Speed Dial.
  • Our proven global network guarantees clear, reliable international phone calls.
  • International Access to your calling account from over 20 Countries.
  • RISK FREE International Calls? Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
  • Save on International mobile to mobile calls, or when calling from home.